Digital Influence Mapping Project: Lenovo’s Social Score

Digital Influence Mapping Project: Corporate Blogging Grown Up

John Bell — he who helped us launch in 2006 and is now helping us with the Lenovo Olympic Blogger program, gives us a score in the company of other brands who are blogging:

“The Social Score (how connected are they: 1 to 5)

Lenovo gets a 4.5

Lenovo Blogs is growing in depth and breadth. That means they continue to add bloggs and bloggers. Unlike Wells Fargo, they tend to limit the number of bloggers on a single blog to somewhere between 1 and 4. The breadth part includes adding other social features like the Flickr gallery and feeds. I would guess we will see a YouTube gallery soon, Dopplr and other features.

No appreciable blogrolls anywhere. That seems to be a common issue with “official” corporate blogs. Linking feels like endorsement no doubt and that causes anxiety. Also, corporate blogs don’t jockey for popularity the way personal blogs do through link-baiting and eventual link-love. They rely more clearly on search results to connect with readers. Lenovo blogs shows up on the first two pages of Google results for Lenovo (but not ThinkPad).”

Thanks John.