Found my first blog …

Was searching for the Paul Theroux reference to the Turd World given my current incontinent condition of amoebic dysentery and crossed legs in an all day meeting in Fungalore induced by something nasty I imbibed the night before …. and I found my first  blog.

It was a blogger blog written in 2002 when I was stranded in Switzerland working for a fricking villian right out of James Bond.

I was a lot more obscene and just as aggrevated  by airlines as I am today.

Author: David Churbuck

Cape Codder with an itch to write

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  1. Freaking hilarious account of the history of Moronovia.

    If you can’t blind them with your brilliance
    Baffle them with your bullshit

  2. Wow. I can totally see you pulling this off – I’ll view your next presentation in a whole new light. It’s a given your going to have the best story at the dinner table…

    So this blogger thing was short lived…a few day’s effort and then you cut it adrift? Any other previous incarnations floating out there in the blogosphere?

    Might be an interesting post to talk about how this has evolved over the last 6 years – link to some of the different efforts and share some insights on what you were thinking and where you saw things heading along the way.

  3. Remarkably prescient observations on the principalities,-havens-proctectorates & Dubai. I’ve been wowed by your ability to create colorful & wildly entertaining fiction since we were shooting water. Hurry up & finish yer book Betch! I will be first in line to own it. I just missed a trade on 5-million bonds, while giggling over Moronovia. Thx brother!

  4. Great writing.

    I wonder how many people know about Dave’s “Wall of Shame” or his window dressing at the Pru in Boston.
    David, my man, you crack me up.


    Oh is Moronville the capital of Moravia or merely the biggest city in Moravian district of Estupidonia?

  5. I was there. I swear every word Dave tells about the Princely Protectorate of Moronrovia / Estupidonia is true!

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