Sparing you the details ….

Went to the doctor yesterday, asked him how his tropical medicine chops were. Told him about Bengaluru two weeks ago and my intestinal health ever since. Let’s just say it’s an effective diet, but a heck of a long way to go to lose ten pounds. Poor doctor, he spends his day listening to people beef about their hay fever, and I come in and start conjuring up symptoms of Dengue Fever.

Oh well, just a way to make an excuse for a) not blogging a lot, b) not going to RTP this week (I swear it is not the heat) c) not exercising.

Side note, was watching Anthony Bourdain’s No Reservations on the Travel Channel last night (his Kitchen Confidential is a fave, as is his NYC bistro, Les Halles). He was in Ghana and Uzbekistan. He ate some room temperature lamb brain, made a comment about “bleeding out into a toilet,” and I realized what I want to be when I grow up — a travel dude to weird places. If my stomach permits that is.

Author: David Churbuck

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  1. Sorry you’re illing still. What you need is the charcuterie platter from Les Halles. That’ll fix you right up.

  2. Anthony Bourdain is about the only thing right about Television these days.

    When you’re better maybe we can discuss over an order of curried goat…I have a connection…

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