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It was my friend Woody’s 50th surprise party this weekend on Chappaquidick, so the wife and I popped across Vineyard Sound on the Pied Piper ferry for a night in Edgartown. We arrived early Saturday morning, rented a convertible Mini Cooper, and headed directly for Aquinnah and Gay Head. A quick tour of my favorite village — Menemsha —

then up to Oak Bluffs for a burger and a beer before checking into our room at the Charlotte Inn in Edgartown. If there are better things than driving Middle Road in Chilmark in late June in a convertible, I would like to know (okay, pedaling down Middle Road in Chilmark in late June on a vintage Italian steel bicycle).

At the Inn I did not read anything into the presence of a painting of a woodcock over the bed, nor did I feel the Victorian lithograph of a lady lanquidly leaning on her suitor’s big brass machine gun was out of place. But I digress. The Inn was total Interior Designer Porn, so my wife was occupied analyzing the subspecies of wall paper and window treatments while I wished I had packed a fly rod and some Deceivers.


The party was literally a luau. Wife and I had to leave early as I am still recovering from what the doctor told is an official case of salmonella (which has also swept my wife and two eldest, leading us to believe we may be victims of the evil tomato plague sweeping the Nation).

Finished the trip this morning on the town pier in Edgartown, where we were treated to a most excellent re-enactment of the Rodney Dangerfield yachting scene when a gentleman in a large power catamaran blocked the Chappy ferry in order to board his guests and two pugs despite the vigorous complaints of the harbormaster and ferry captain. Unfortunately I was not quick enough on the ol’ FlipCam to get the better parts.

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  1. Thanks David…just what I needed to get me excited about two upcoming trips to the vineyard…

    The On time ferry crossing to chappy has gotten quite exciting sine the rip opened in Katama/South Beach opening Edgartown harbor up to the Atlantic. That current is quite strong.

    We have an annual right of passage which involves biking to Gay Head and back…some years we cheat and use the Menemsha bike ferry, but most years we do it the long way


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