New design, new install, good buddy

Mark Cahill, my web buddy since the days when giants roamed the earth, posted on Allthingscahill a few weeks ago that WordPress blogs needed to be kept up to date with the latest patches or risk the threat of being hacked. Having been hacked before through the XML-RPC door, I half-in-jest commented on Mark’s post that I’d be honored if he’d update

Which he did. Today. Most nicely. Whenever I fire up the old FTP client and start mucking with the public_html directories I generally shoot myself in the face. While abdicating the sysadmin role to Mark sort of defeats the purpose of being a self-hosted WordPress dude, I am most grateful that he did the deed for me.

The theme is called Paalam. It is two columns. It is white (I cannot abide dark web pages) and it appears to be plug-in compliant and happy.

So — Mark. Thanks man. I owe you.

Author: David Churbuck

Cape Codder with an itch to write

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  1. You’re entirely welcome.

    The funny thing is this upgrade actually will allow you to more easily administer things yourself! The latest version of wordpress allows you to upgrade the plugins with the click of a button, and the next version will allow you to upgrade the whole system with one button click.

    The funny thing I found while doing the upgrade was that some of the newer templates allow you to manage things right from the admin console very easily. Such as changing your header image, or possibly changing color pallets. I think we’ve actually come to the point where they are on the verge of delivering on the promise – as system that you can maintain without having control of the server or having to hack html.

    The upgrade also brings back IE support, and from my tests, is working fairly well in the Iphone. As you start tagging things, we should see a very interesting tag cloud develop in the left sidebar as well.

    With the upcoming travel, I think it’s good we’re all up to date. I’ll be looking forward to hearing all the gritty and bizarre details…

    Oh, the cost is one bonito/FA trip when your back late summer!

  2. There is one thing I miss on the new template… the previous and next posts links at the top…

    Nice refresh, man!

    Regards, E.

  3. Two thumbs up.

    Hell if I know what version of WP I’m on, much less the last time I posted…meh.

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