Messing around in boats

I spent most of this past week sitting on the point of Sampson’s Island in Cotuit Bay, soaking up the sun, reading, listening to the iPod, and generally vegetating in between sneaked looks at the Blackberry. Yesterday afternoon I took the FlipCam and caught the Cotuit Skiff fleet racing in and out of the harbor. YouTube annotation is kind of cool, but doubtlessly distracting for the viewer. Apparently annotations don’t show up in embedded clips, you have to view it directly within YouTube to see my notes and captions.

I don’t race anymore. Slow boat and nothing like a Cotuit Skiff to remind you how old your knees are.

Author: David Churbuck

Cape Codder with an itch to write

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  1. nice video of a youngster running into the beeched powerboat. the skiffs’ sails are pretty though. you’re not far off from starting film school.


  2. The skipper in # 17 needs to get back in a pram & revisit his centerboard manipulation lessons. Nice to see my boat, # 63, following the pack!

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