New Lenovo TV ads

These are making their debut during the Olympics. I’d really appreciate any feedback. I’ll disclose my favorite later. These are Ogilvy and Mather spots. I’ll get the credits on the creative and production teams from my colleagues this evening. Time to hit the beach.

We call this one “Troll”

This one is “Laser”

And “Castaway”

Finally, “Sumo”

Beijing story list

I have a few goals for the next few weeks, they are:

  1. Meet, face to face, every one of the 100 athletes who are blogging in our Lenovo Olympic Athlete program to thank them for participating
  2. See my daughter’s former teammate, Elle Logan, row for the U.S. on the women’s 8+ at Shunyi
  3. Catch a baseball game – these are the last Games for baseball and I really want to see a team like the Cubans play the Chinese
  4. See my step-sister’s father-in-law who I met for the first time two years ago when I first visited Beijing
  5. Explore more of Beijing. I’ve done the Great Wall, Forbidden City, Tiananmen. Summer Palace, Ming Tombs are up next
  6. Meet Kaiser Kuo – the dude was in one of China’s first heavy metal bands and is a master blogger
  7. Stay in shape and lose weight, not gain it; but continue to eat as adventurously as possible
  8. Not get too frustrated by connectivity issues and access to the production tools I need (, Flickr, YouTube)
  9. See as many of the Olympic venues as possible. Architecturally this is going to be a treat
  10. Take some respectable photographs so Uncle Fester won’t regret loaning me the Nikon D200


Messing around in boats

I spent most of this past week sitting on the point of Sampson’s Island in Cotuit Bay, soaking up the sun, reading, listening to the iPod, and generally vegetating in between sneaked looks at the Blackberry. Yesterday afternoon I took the FlipCam and caught the Cotuit Skiff fleet racing in and out of the harbor. YouTube annotation is kind of cool, but doubtlessly distracting for the viewer. Apparently annotations don’t show up in embedded clips, you have to view it directly within YouTube to see my notes and captions.

I don’t race anymore. Slow boat and nothing like a Cotuit Skiff to remind you how old your knees are.

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