Beijing Day 2

Very little time to blog, but …

Went to the USA House yesterday — the hospitality center in Chaoyang at the Worker’s Stadium (didn’t see many workers) sponsored by the USOC and the US Olympic sponsors — to find the Randt brothers (Clark and Paull) as Paull is blogging for Yale and we hung out at the Wall on Saturday night. He was nowhere to be found, but Rohit Bhargava from Ogilvy scored me an invite to the premier of a documentary sponsored by Kleenex about emotional Olympic moments called “Let It Out.”

The concept was brilliant. Sponsor a film about the more emotional moments in Olympic history to make people cry and use more Kleenex. I’m a weepy guy, I admit. I am in touch with my inner boo-hoo, but the audio wasn’t awesome enough to hear everything but …

I still get all tingly over the 1980 Miracle on Ice. I watched that go down at college, and remember as the US won, and goalie Jim Craig is searching for his recently widowed Dad in the stands with a USA flag on his shoulders 100 drunk and crazy college students singing “God Bless America” because none of them knew the words to the Star Spangled Banner. I cried then.

The documentary was very very good and when it gets on line at you should watch it. The trailer is up there now.

The last time I cried was June when I flew back from Tokyo and watched this other documentary , Young At Heart, about a senior citizen’s chorus in Northhampton, Mass.. The scene where the show goes on at a Massachusetts prison after they learn one of their fellow members has passed away, and they sing Dylan’s “Forever Young” to a crowd of tattooed hard-time inmates … and make them cry. Well, I challenge anybody to watch that film and not start leaking.

Anyway, blog site just crashed (Thanks MidPhase!) and I have fires to extinguish!

Author: David Churbuck

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  1. Field of Dreams does that to me because it’s such a mancub/Dad flick and Pa Forbes Passed whenI was 9 and a half and quite imnpressionable. Weep on brother!


  2. As long as there’s a line at the confessional here…

    The scene in Wall Street where Charlie Sheen is wearing a wire and betrayed Michael Douglas.

    Gets me every time.

    Why, Bud, why?

    Oh the humanity. Of course, I was on Wellbutrin at the time and Downy fabric softener commercials also made me weep.

    There’s also that scene in Annie Hall and the mirror when Alvy (Woody Allen) sneezes…

  3. The opening ceremony of the Barcelona Olympics, when the club-footed guy shot the flaming arrow to light the….geez, I can barely type it…still makes me major verklempt!

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