Row2k Coverage: Olympic Games Blog

Row2k Coverage: Olympic Games Blog.

I just discovered Row2K’s blog. Ed Hewitt delivers the best rowing coverage anywhere, anytime (and I send him a PayPal payment from time to time to keep Row2K rolling).

Anyway, he has Brad Lewis (gold, LA 1984, Assault on Lake Casitas) Xeno Mueller (Gold, Atlanta 96, Silver ’00, Iron Oarsman) guest blogging from Beijing and Shunyi.  Man I wish I could join them. I am starting to get frantic to get out of the basement of the Hyatt and out to the venue to see some serious rowing!

Oh well, here to work, not to spectate.

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  1. That is an awsome website w/ greatly insightful observations. Count me as a ‘Row2K’ addict, now. I met Brad Lewis when I was a “gruntie” (freshman oarsman @ Univ Of Wa . circa 1978), where he was training in single sculls for an Olympic berth under the coaching of Bob Ernst, who was the UW freshman coach & the reason I came out West. I lent Brad the book ‘Mandingo’ to read. Brad was an inspiration in showing the sacrifice, dedication, deprivation & daily self examination you must undergo to harden yourself for international rowing competition. Needless to say, politics & Soviet aggression ended the opportunity for Brad & many others for the1980 Olympics. The Olympics really are a supreme celebration of human potential. My most heartfelt congratulations go out to all the competitors & people who make it happen!

  2. From today’s Financial Times article on Chinese brands and the Games (Aug. 14th, page 9): “David Melançon, a partner at Ito Partnership, a brand consultancy, says he is impressed with Lenovo’s efforts to connect with potential customers through blogging and social networking during the Games.” Great job!

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