The nervous time of year

UPDATE: – I’m pulling the boats this afternoon. The town just sent an email to the mooring permit holders and all indications are things are going to get windy tomorrow. Can’t risk a 6-year old boat for a couple extra weekends of sailing.

September is when I start really worrying every time business travel takes me off of the Cape and I still have boats in the water. For September is hurricane month on Cape Cod — they hit rarely enough to make them a freak occurance, but often enough and with enough violence to make them a very bad thing and something to worry about.

I’ve been out of town when a hurricane has threatened and the feeling is very very bad. I rather be here, with the family, battening down the hatches and pulling boats for storage in Ropes Field rather than following it online via the National Weather Service.

Now with Hanna coming up the coast and me scheduled to leave for Bangalore on Sunday night, I may have to pull the Chugworm and the motorboat. Not a lot of people left in town to do it for me. It’s a shame, out is out when it comes to a Cotuit Skiff. They aren’t easy boats to launch and rig, but I have spent less time sailing this year than I spent sanding and and painting and there are some fun “cove races” throughout the fall weekends.

Tropical Storm HANNA Public Advisory.

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