Voices of the Summer Games

Thanks to Rohit Bhargava, Kaitlyn Wilkins, and the team at Ogilvy’s 360 Digital Influence Project for pulling this together and posting it. Olympic wrap up post coming from me later this week or weekend.

Someone needs to write an open letter to Ballmer …

So the Seinfeld-Gates comedy duo has been disbanded and the weirdest tech ad campaign in years has been unplugged.

Crispin-Porter limps away with two black eyes. Microsoft takes a kick to its reputational crotch. Mac fans chortle with glee.

Be it far from me to tell MSFT what to do, but I think I will work on a post to tell them what to do.

PS: I use and I like Vista.

“A blog or two speculated tonight that Microsoft would announce the end of those ads tomorrow. I’ve just spoken to a Microsoft source who confirms the ads will cease, that Microsoft is canceling them after only a few weeks and will be making that announcement tomorrow.


Seinfeld Gets the Boot in Microsoft Ads – Tech Check with Jim Goldman – CNBC.com.

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