Back in the saddle – post-vacation whereabouts

Vacation: a nice ten days of aimless nothingness (well, a little Lenovo work), sunny Indian summer, fishless days on the beach, Red Sox, and the worst week in the history of Wall Street. In fact, I suppose I couldn’t have picked a better week to unplug and walk away from the PC.

But now I am back with a vengeance and the following observations:

1. I have Red Sox tix for tomorrow night and intend to make the most of them. This will be my first, and likely only ACLS trip to Fenway. The Mike Lowell 2007 World Series away jersey is starched and pressed and ready for action atop my extremely lucky Dice-K #18 red t-shirt. No erectile dysfunction, FrankTV, or TBS announcers to endure. Just me in the Temple of Awesome.

2. I wish Bill Weld was running for president. Just saying.

3. I am a failure at shingle work, but I have a better looking chicken coop today than I did on Friday.

4. I am a lucky man. I was given four wild ducks, plucked, which I intend to cook ala canard au sauvage.

5. I am sad that three people I know died over the weekend. Charlotte Ryder, John Shaughnessy, Gary Gifford … requiescat in pace et in amore

6. I am sad my kids are all going back to school tomorrow (all three were under the roof for the first time since I left for the Olympics on August 5).

So, that said, I am here the next two weeks. No travel on the horizon. Trip to RTP the last week of the month.

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