Why “mountain stage” is a better marketing-planning metaphor than “hunker down”

Bob Carrigan at IDG introduced me to Rex Hammock. Good, indeed great blogger. This post confirms it:

“Athletes often choose times of stress to mount attacks: strong runners and bicycle racers may increase their pace on hills or under other challenging conditions,” the authors write. “In a similar vein, proactive marketing includes both the sensing of the existence of the opportunity (a tough hill and fatigued opponents) and an aggressive response (possessing the necessary strength or nerve) to the opportunity.”

A warning, however: The research indicates that it is only when companies are prepared for recessions (like cyclists who train for hills) who benefit. Thus, Apple with its pre-existing marketing and advertising savvy and a mountain of cash, is likely to benefit during this recession, as it has in previous ones, rather than another company whose marketing is inept, even in less challenging times.

Bottomline: “Hunkering down” is not the metaphor you want as your guide when planning your marketing efforts for the coming months — especially if your marketing has been working and your competitor seems to be huffing and puffing already. Hunker down wherever you can — say, executive compensation — but use a recession to raise your visibility, not hide. Rex Hammock’s weblog » Blog Archive » Why “mountain stage” is a better marketing-planning metaphor than “hunker down”. – Signs of anarchy in Osterville

Speaking of Project Mayhem:

“The phrase “PAPERI STREET SOAP COMPANY,” with each A encircled was painted in black across the walls of a bank, clothing store, real estate office and other businesses, according to a report by Officer John Alexander” – Signs of anarchy in Osterville.

Mis-spelled graffiti leads police to fruitless Google search for meaning of random tagging. Drop the “i” from “Paperi” and you have the name of Fight Club’s Tyler Durden’s human fat (liposuction trash) soap company: “Paper Street Soap Company.”

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