Obama Journal

Fake Barack is in operation. Sample:

“For example, last night, in bed, I let out a little sheet creeper, totally silent but absolutely deadly. Then I waited. Took a while but finally Michelle goes, Goddammit, Barack, please tell me you didn’t just lay down a fart in my bed. And I said, Actually, I prefer to call it a “hope bomb.” She said I can call it whatever I want but I’ll be calling it that to myself because she’s going to the guest room and if I really think I can start pulling stuff like this just because I’m president then it’s going to be a long, long eight years.”

Obama Journal.

Author: David Churbuck

Cape Codder with an itch to write

One thought on “Obama Journal”

  1. This isn’t Dan Lyons caliber, but pretty funny. New Yorker cover this week was awesome. I’d like to see a Fake Barack post about the search for First Mutt.

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