A certain unnamed candy ….

It’s a sure sign how desperate the social marketing world is for a new case study when a maker of sugar balls replaces its corporate web site with its Twitter account, launches a Facebook page, and posts some pictures on Flickr.

I can see the cool ad agency checking off every one of the requisite social media laundry list boxes and patting themselves on the back for being authentic when people like me tweet that their sugar pellets taste like shit.

I refuse to acknowledge this junk anymore. It’s not creative, it’s not anything more than a two-headed carnival act cooked up for the PR. The fact someone got paid to do this is further proof that we have nothing to worry about as the Ukraine melts down and the world looks forward to a summer of civil unrest.

Dour indeed. Ride the Naked Groundswell!

Author: David Churbuck

Cape Codder with an itch to write

7 thoughts on “A certain unnamed candy ….”

  1. I totally agree and cringed when (1) I saw this and (2) people started evangelizing its greatness across Twitter.

    When I read FM’s blog pointing this out (http://blog.federatedmedia.net/archives/2009/03/skittles-brand.php), I just didn’t get it.

    “Simple, effective, engaging and a very smart idea. The Skittles homepage is now a simple display of Twitter search results for the keyword “Skittles.” Love it:”

    I just didn’t get how it was anything but “simple”.

    Then I saw this, and thought this and could see how very bad this could turn, and quickly: http://scatteredbrilliance.com/post/82820122/topherchris-theres-no-way-this-could-end

    Weak attempt….

  2. But the irony that CPG marketers turned over their brand to the consumer… wouldn’t that make your job at Lenovo a lot easier?

    p.s. thanks for engaging in the debate!

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