Getting to know one’s septum

Okay, I won’t talk about the last month’s nasal experience. Let’s just say the septoplasty thing is pretty much over — I still don’t have any feeling in the tip of my nose, aliens come out of my nostrils every morning, and the black eyes have sort of faded away.  I would not recommend contracting a cold in the week following a nose job. No.

Anyway, in nasal distress, I decided to buy a “neti pot” — a teapot one sticks in one’s nose and then pours saline solution into one’s nasal cavity, which floods and drains out the opposite nostril. Very holistic. Just the ticket. It sort of works. It sort of doesn’t. Well, it mostly doesn’t, but it does loosen up the aforementioned “aliens” and produces some jetsam that brings to mind ancient honeycombs.

Then I found this wonderful demonstration of what to do and what not to do courtesy of

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