Fujitsu Launches E-Reader

Color Me Flepia: Fujitsu Launches E-Reader

Thanks to Lisa Sonntag for pointing out Fujitsu’s launch of a color e-book reader. Pretty pricey.

For those who don’t read Playboy for the articles, Fujitsu has an e-book for you. Dubbed the Flepia, the device is what the company calls the world’s first color e-book — it can display 260,000 colors. Quite a difference from’s Kindle black and white e-book, which retails for $359.

Various documents and images — from books, newspapers, magazines and the Internet — can be seen on an 8-inch touch screen in high definition — 768 x 1,014.

The Flepia goes on sale on April 20 — in Japan only — and will be available through Fujitsu Frontech’s online store. The price tag? A whopping $1,000. Hmm, maybe things don’t look worse in black and white.”

Author: David Churbuck

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