One thought on “The swine flu is blogging whole-hog”

  1. The news rattles off the latest stats XX number of confirmed cases world wide, and YY people hospitalized with swine flu, and ZZ fatalities attributed to it. Not to minimize this thing, but I know that people are hospitalized all the time for the regular old flu, and even die from it or complications.

    Can we get some kind of denominator thrown in with these numbers, or would it take the scare out of the pandemic? I mean what if 100 or 1000 times as many people have the regular flu? Why don’t we track it’s spread? Would we all just yawn and switch the channel instead of staying riveted to every media outlet? I note this one has been raised to a 5 out of 6 on the scale by the WHO. At 6 does the national guard show up in plastic suits and block off the roads and cities like in “the andromeda strain”?

    I don’t know, I’m just wondering….

    On Friday, I observed a denizen of cubeville stretching packing tape between desk and the divider, creating a visual “do not cross” line, barring co-workers from getting too close. Yes, this was a swine flue avoidance tactic. The person said of the situation, “You can’t be too careful”. I kid you not.

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