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Testing the Wicked Blogging App from Screaming Toaster. Seems to have a nice interface. I had been hitting my blog through the Blackberry browser but that was a long walk off the short dock. Wonder if there is a way to embed photos in process. Anyway: two day freebie then I need to decide on a $10 subscription.

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Author: David Churbuck

Cape Codder with an itch to write

7 thoughts on “Blackberry blog tool”

  1. Get well soon David!

    I get all squirmy just thinking about what you’ve been through.


  2. Esteban,

    I just met with Vibram Five Fingers yesterday and just got off there website. I am in the running for the sales account there. They have a truly compelling story. Do you own and use the shoe?

    Nike custom is so old school.

  3. Man you gotta do something about that carpet. please tell me that’s not in your office. I have a bearskin rug that could go well with a mounted elk head in a Cotuit home office.


  4. Can you just use the Postie plugin for wordpress? You send a picture message and the caption becomes the text of your post. Doesn’t allow for super long posts, but for quick picture & description post, works good.

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