The Wreck of the Thermopylae

The Wreck of the Thermopolyae

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A mighty wind blew last night through Cotuit — my anemometer is fried so I have no idea what the peak gusts were, but i’d estimate well over 50 mph. Lots of tree damage as I drove to church this morning, the sign at the strip mall is toppled. And sadly, my friend’s clam barge took a beating and foundered at its mooring.

Author: David Churbuck

Cape Codder with an itch to write

3 thoughts on “The Wreck of the Thermopylae”

  1. the boat moored beyond the barge isn’t looking especially seaworthy either. please tell me that’s not yor boat.

    Keep Clam

  2. David,

    Great picture – you have a good eye. Sorry about you friend’s boat – interesting name “Thermopolyae” – sounds like another blog in just the name.

    Would be an interesting challenge to rescue the boat – marine salvage has always intrigued me.


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