Men with Swords

Son spent his April school break with his grandparents in San Francisco. A trip to Chinatown and a hit on his savings account yielded a five-foot genuine Chinese stainless steel replica of Aragon’s sword, Anduril. Lord of the Rings geeks will know that Anduril came about when “…Elven-smiths reforged the shards of Narsil into a sword, setting into the design of the blade seven stars (for Elendil) and a crescent moon (for Isildur), as well as many runes. This sword Aragorn took up and renamed Andúril (meaning “flame of the west” in the Sindarin language), and it was said to have shone with the light of the Sun and the Moon.”

Junior decided his new instrument of mayhem needed an edge to repel pain-killer addicted home invaders. So out came the electric KitchenAid knife sharpener and the result was a sound to curdle your fillings.

Author: David Churbuck

Cape Codder with an itch to write

5 thoughts on “Men with Swords”

  1. Looking forward to seeing Fisher’s blade cleave some fluke & bluefish after a quick trip over the coals on David’s bbq this summah!

  2. Alas for Elendil! As is sung of old, he regretted at the last that he foresook the wisdom of the Eldar — those whose ancient lore, brought from Valinor itself, prefigured the coming of the Blade of Ginsu. Would that the King, he who led the faithful from the ruin of Numenor, had attended to whetting his blade in the fashion passed down by Telchar himself –in practice, not unlike the employment of the forge of Kitchen Aid, save for the electricity.

  3. A fascination with edged weapons and tools is, I find, a difficult addiction to overcome. No one needs ten fillet knives, yet I have them. However, do urge the lad not to take his new acquisition to school with him.

  4. Craig,

    Awesome! Tolkien himself could not have said better…


    Great video. Kitchenaid – priceless.

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