Annals of Weird Sports

First cheese-rolling, now Bo-Taoshi. 75 men defend the pole while 75 try to pull it down.

Author: David Churbuck

Cape Codder with an itch to write

4 thoughts on “Annals of Weird Sports”

  1. I debated my offensive and defensive tactics for this sport…

    Offense: I like the way the Blue team just rushed in and dove over the outer defenses…I think I would concentrate my attack in one area…holding back some of my quicker and better jumpers to come in later if the defense over-reacts and shifts to the point where the concentrated attack has occurred…thus exposing themselves for the weak side sneak attack

    Defense: I think I would employ a bit of American football tactics and stack my outer lines with offensive lineman types who can repel the initial attacks and understand leverage and pancake tactics…once the outer defenses are broken you need your more nimble players to hold firm and prevent aerial dominance…the video showed the defense being overrun quickly as offense just walked right over the top of spacing is also critical

    OK! I am quitting my job and moving to wherever this takes place ot become a coach and eventually lead an American team to glory at the 2024 Olympics

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