Further death to Powerpoint

The single nicest thing about moving on from Lenovo is a life free from Powerpoint.  The company, like most modern organizations, ran on Powerpoint. The CEO even had a style guide that limited presentations presented to him to 15 pages with no line breaks. As a writer I like my words in sentences, not bullets. I like to look the audience in the eye and tell them a story, not read them … bullets. Powerpoint simply sucks.

Esteban Panzeri alerts me to the existence of a political party in Switzerland dedicated to banning the evil presentation software that is destroying humanity’s ability to string together words in a coherent string, with a beginning, middle and end. Sign me up.

Here is my current favorite presentation:

Author: David Churbuck

Cape Codder with an itch to write

3 thoughts on “Further death to Powerpoint”

  1. David,

    Projects and programs – of all the things I did over nearly two decades, I have really only a hard disk full of excel, freelance (the early years) and of course, Powerpoint left as testaments to the time. Not that I didn’t do things and bring about results, but they are transient. Old products live on in the attic, projects and programs change with the times, the web is ethereal. Powerpoint endures.

    I’ll have to include chicken in my next deck.

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