Shark bait

My step-sister’s husband (step-brother-in-law?) was out fishing in Nantucket Sound near the test tower for the wind farm. He came across the carcass of the whale that the Coast Guard has been warning mariners about the past week or two.

He gave me permission to post these pictures. He said the smell was terrific and alleged there have been reports that some great white sharks have been snacking on it. After reading “In the Slick of the Cricket” — the story of Montauk’s Frank Mundus, one of the models for Quint, I can believe it.

Author: David Churbuck

Cape Codder with an itch to write

One thought on “Shark bait”

  1. crazy. i need to look into whether or not the whites migration patterns have changed at all, assuming it’s known one way or another. given their presence on nantucket and off chatham, it makes you wonder.


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