The Quicksand and the Dead

It’s been while since I’ve had cause to commit a clamming post. This recent CapeCast tells the tale of one unfortunate Provincetown clammer who stepped into some sucky mud and lost his boots. I did the same thing years ago on Sandy Neck while cruising around for steamers and years ago my youngest, while wearing waders, got seriously stuck in the muck inside of Seapuit River and needed to be pulled out of the waders to be released from the suction.

Cape Cod muck is horrible stuff, especially the black goo up inside of the bays that smells like the clams that live in it. This is Jurassic muck, black as night and has the consistency of entrails.

The video is notable for the guest star appearance of Provincetown’s shellfish officer, Tony Jackett.

Author: David Churbuck

Cape Codder with an itch to write

2 thoughts on “The Quicksand and the Dead”

  1. Love he pix of Fish. I kinda expected to see a loopy grey tentacle emrging from the ooze and see a caption…”Oh No, Zombie octopii!”

  2. I had it happen once while trying to cross a mosquito drainage ditch at Scorton Creek in Sandwich. For a brief moment I had the sinking feeling that my time had come (no pun intended). Fortunately I was with a fishing buddy who got me out. That stuff had the consistency of drywall spackle and smelled a whole lot worse.

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