The Tenth Anniversary of Reel-Time

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"In the beginning was the name Real-Time. It was to be the name of an online news project to be run by me and funded by Mitch Kapor, the founder of Lotus. Mitch was my Internet mentor in the early 90s when I was a technology reporter for Forbes Magazine. He had the first commercial net connection in the state — a T1 line from his Cambridgeport office to Software Tool and Die, the first commercial ISP which was based in Brookline. Mitch invited me to his office and showed me some of the pre-Web Internet technologies such as WAIS, Veronica, Archie, Gopher and USENET. I had been an online community geek beginning in the mid-80s, had really first experienced the first community at a Grateful Dead BBS called "Brokedown Palace" where Deadheads posted lists of their bootleg collections and arranged trades of 90-minute Maxell tapes. That led to the WELL, the first big online community based in Sausalito, California  …"

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