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Jarvis in on a Web 2.0 panel this morning and posts the discussion agenda

"Advertisers need distributed media to provide metrics. Distributed media also have an opportunity to measure (and monetize) new assets, such as trust, influence, timeliness, interaction, engagement, and also to measure (and monetize) new behaviors, such as swarming around people and tags. * We need to rally round cookie sets and data reporting on the publisher side. * We need other tools to serve cookies and report data (i.e., RSS readers). * We need audience demographics and behavior. * We need publisher data (subject matter, demographics, content safety…). * We need protections against spam. * We need to establish trusted networks. All this should allow advertisers to select the “best” media, however they wish to define that — audience, demographics, influence, etc. — or allow publishers to serve the best advertising; it should increase efficiency and value for all and will support the growth of new media."

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