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Walter Brooks, a Cape Cod publisher, evidently technorati’d my "Dangling Man post" and sent this email:

"I ran into you (I hope it was thee) today reading

…all ending with a sad and final thud as I drove out of Manhattan to Cape Cod with a car filled with mementos and my Herman Miller Aeron chair, a totem of the dot.bomb if there ever was one.
at Do you have a Cape Connection? Am I addressing the correct writer? What is the real meaning of existence… forget the last.
If you do ever have thought about our sand spit held together by package stores" please past them along and I’ll feature that post on
All the best….
Walter Brooks, Editor & Publisher, 
900 Rt 134, South Dennis, MA 02660  ( 


Funny – I hadn’t seen any local blog of blogs before. The concept of regional blogging seems strongest with Jonathan Weber’s community publishing experiment in the west. Good concept whereever it lands.

Author: David Churbuck

Cape Codder with an itch to write

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  1. Is this blog written by Marshall Churbuck? If so, you are an aquaintance from the past!

  2. Where is marshal
    I used to play with him
    When we were in wild
    Harbor silver beach. ?
    My grandfather had the house
    With the tower down the street
    From his dad. Sincerely gibbs

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