The boat runs …

Full throttle around Osterville’s Grand Island on a sunny day when it’s 34 degrees and blowing 20 kn out of the northwest is a re-definition of wind-chill. I’m still shivering. The problem was too hasty a launch last weekend, water in the gas, and not connecting the gas-line tight enough. Thanks Pete.

Cotuit from Space
You know you’re a townie when:

a) you are in the only boat on the water.

b) you are on the water before the channel cans are on the water.

c) you think wearing waders is cool and normal and think nothing of walking into the grocery store wearing them.

d) you don’t leave your boat on the mooring because since it is the only boat in the harbor it will become the world’s seagull toilet.

Author: David Churbuck

Cape Codder with an itch to write

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  1. I”m going out tomorrow night just north of Point Loma for some evening Ling Cod fishing. 52 degrees but I run in front of the squall lines now. There are times when i think i should have bought the 70 horse Suzuki. sometimes, 40 just seems so under powered.
    Tight lines and good baits, dude.

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