Bloglines is burping today

In the department of “how can I miss you if you won’t go away?” Bloglines is spazzing today and reinforcing how essential the service is to me for blog monitoring. I would estimate I spend more time in front of Bloglines than any other single screen.

Author: David Churbuck

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  1. Ah, so it wasn’t just me … Yes, I found it extrememly disconcerting that I couldn’t see who had blogged and what was new on the news feeds … I’m a junky, it’s true.

    Janice B makes a great point … the home pages and the sites themselves are nearly useless these days … we all suck it into our feeds and grab it there … interesting …

  2. Janice’s point was made by Matt McAllister and Chad Dickerson a year ago at InfoWorld when they put the full text into RSS and realized the feed was getting more traffic than the site: thus leading them to the conclusion that the Page View Model that has sustained online publishers since the mid-90s is inevitably doomed.

    Aggregator readers like Bloglines are rapidly becoming all that I need to stay tuned into the world.

  3. I also made the point that except for the buzz surrounding the NYTimes online’s redesign, I’d have never known. I see the Times in Bloglines. Funny; here I am a loyal reader, but the Times doesn’t know that. Unless it’s smart enough to count its RSS subscribers…

  4. RSS is the death of design. And you know what it is doing to ad models. I am very interested in how Feedburner will bring riches to publishers.

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