Jim Forbes: Waiting For Break Out Notebook Marketing

My Weblog: Waiting For Break Out Notebook Marketing

“Notebook makers are going to need to step up to the plate and differentiate their machines on their own. Some are already working on this. The best example I can think of is a ThinkPad ad that creates an image of ThinkPad as being a tough platform that protects data. This is a tremendous start but I hope Lenovo goes farther and creates messaging highlighting how emerging features are based on valuable DNA that’s still a part of the product line.”

Jim Forbes once again proves why he is one of the smartest guys observing the notebook market.

Author: David Churbuck

Cape Codder with an itch to write

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  1. I am not, am noty. honestly honestly. Hey if you’re out shopping and see a good knock off of a ships chronometer. Pick it up and i’ll pay whatevdr including duty,

    Be well

  2. Sextant my butt, they don’t even publish log tables anymore, and my big brother is a master surveyor/cartographer and he says it’s bad that no one uses log tables or comptometers anymore…


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