Calling all Bluetooth geeks

I transferred my life onto a new Lenovo X60s — the ultraportable in the same form factor as my old X41 — but with dual core processors and better built in wireless. The thing is fast, as Hunter S. Thompson wrote about electric windows in the convertible he trashed in Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, the machine jumps like a frog in an electrified pond. We’re talking fast. Hyperspace fast. Stars getting blurry fast.
I’ll rant about system migration in another post. Forget about crossover cables, backups, etc.. So much customization is lost in a migration that I’ve come to dread the process and the weeks of noodling and fiddling that must ensue to relog into all my web services, download extensions, etc. etc. Now I’ve managed to get Verizon’s EVDO console to throw an error message every time I surf to a new web page…..

So, having contradicted myself in my earlier post this year about my hatred for luggage with wheels and losers who use wireless headsets and appear to be talking to themselves like the prescription to Clonapin ran out last week … I bought a wireless bluetooth headset made by Motorola after getting a citation at the toolbooths leading to Manhattan’s FDR drive for driving while talking on a cell phone.

It’s an okay headset. Volume is funky, buttons are too big for my sausage fingers, but here where the potential comes in — because the X60 has both Bluetooth and EVDO and Wi-Fi, I figured I download Skype and pair the headset to the X60. Smart right? Wrong. The laptop won’t discover the headset. Woe is me. I need to go hunt down the engineering guys, waste an hour googling “Pairing Motorola Bluetooth X560, and keep at it until the thing works. When it does, I will post the solution as I have buddies in the same boat. Pointers on how to solve the issue would be appreciated, but I will not go buy a Bluetooth dongle, but I will contemplate reinstalling the Bluetooth stack to one more friendly to my headset.

My intention is to fire all phone companies by September.

Author: David Churbuck

Cape Codder with an itch to write

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  1. make sure the bluetooth setting is on “discover” or “connect to new devier” then kill a chicken and give the still running carcass to an oracle and pray.


  2. It’s worst that than. I found the answer at and it ain’t pretty. Let’s just say I have some real driver work to do.

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