Goodbye Treo — Hello Blackberry

After a full year of resisting a transition from my Treo 650 on Sprint, to a Cingular Blackberry, I made the switch over the weekend, getting a RIM Blackberry Pearl.

I needed to make the switch simply to get onto the corporate Notes mail system. The organization doesn’t support Notes on the Treo model — so goodbye Treo and hello Blackberry.

I’ve held onto the Treo for three years because I like the Palm interface, liked the Sprint PCS web service and POP3 email integration with my mail, but alas, it was becoming more and more of a pain in the neck to stay in synch with the company and roam internationally.

I had been an old AT&T GSM customer when I worked in Switzerland, but their Cape Cod coverage was sub-par so I killed them off and switched to Sprint — who has been very good to me.

I am getting comfortable with the Blackberry interface, and first impressions being important impressions, believe it to be a perfectly adequate phone, in a nicer form factor than the Treo, with some improvements such as much better Bluetooth support for my headset.

After I get the email integrated I’ll really be able to form an opinion.

Author: David Churbuck

Cape Codder with an itch to write

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  1. Let me know if Cingular’s (my current provider) coverage in Cotuit has gotten any better. I thought it was spotty at best and when I was using AT&T it just plain stunk.


  2. Brian — all bars solid at 854 Main St. AT&T didn’t work but that was three years ago.
    Stefan — lol. I’m stabbing the screen with my index finger every other time I use it. The “jog dial” is actually a tiny rollerball that looks like pearl — hence the name.

  3. Hmm. Ignorance Peter, just ignorance. I had used a commercial conduit for Notes for my Treo at IDG — name escapes me — but my organization would not support it.

  4. Great minds think alike….I stopped in the Verizon store Saturday after seeing a promo they are running on the regular Blackberry. I can go to the family share plan for just a few bucks more per month, and avoid the garish penalty for ending my contract before it is up. Wasn’t anxious to ditch the Razr, if for the cool factor alone.

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