The rat is back

Spotted limping under the bird feeders this morning. I am locked and loaded as they say in the Oliver Stone movies, ready for round two with Willard. Evidently he was wounded, crawled off for a few days, and is now back looking for sustenance. Die vermin! Die!

Author: David Churbuck

Cape Codder with an itch to write

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  1. If you insist on using an air powered pellet gun I would highly recommend something in the 1000 feet per second power range. The pistol you described in an ealier post just won’t penetrate unless the rat lets you put it to its head. Try a heart shot with a high powered pellet rifle and he will keel over.

    I assume you are using a pellet gun so you don’t turn the placid ambiance of cotuit into a war zone, but frankly, a 22 rifle will end all this quickly.

    Or maybe you are enjoying the drama.



  2. Hmm. I’m using a Walther Umarex CP Sport that maxs at 360 fps — so I am doubtlessly undergunned here. I don’t understand, the thing BURIES a pellet into plywood.

    The rat is very capricious. Pops up now and then ….

    The drama is old at this point and I don’t want to call in the exterminators to drop poison baits. One of these days, perhaps, I’ll nail it.

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