Linux advice needed

I have a perfectly servicable X41 Thinkpad begging to be linuxed. The question is: which Linux? Ubuntu? Debian? Fedora? SuSE?

Please comment your thoughts. Also, can I do an install on top of an existing XP install or do I need to wipe the disk, fdisk and repartition, and start clean?


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  1. I’d recommend SuSE 10 or 10.1. I’m using them on Thinkpad T41 and T42 machines with no problems, but I think 10.0 is a bit more polished than 10.1. All the hardware, including the wireless networking card just worked. All except the useless winmodem, which I don’t use anyway.


  2. i’m on an x40 running Gentoo, but my recommendation – depending on what you need to do – would probably be Ubuntu. SuSE’s a nice distribution, but i like the Debian tooling the best.

    and yes, you can layer it on top of an existing XP partition fairly easily – drop me a line if you have problems.

    one very important note: do NOT remove the hidden restore partition. for reasons that i’ve never figured out, removing it takes away your ability to access the machine’s BIOS.

  3. Okay, Ubuntu is underway. And noted, do not remove the hidden restore partition. Repeat to self: do not remove the hidden restore partition.

    I failed on SuSE’s DHCP install, but Ubuntu was very nice about it. So much for horror stories of unsupposed wifi.

    Just a few minutes until I graduate to propellor head status.

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