Apologies to IE (l)users

It appears this blog is completely befukticated in IE, as I discovered reading it in the Yahoo World Cup Lounge. All the sidebar nav is at the bottom instead of adjacent to the posts. Life is too short to fix. So please switch to Firefox. (Just kidding, I know the K2 forums are peppered with similar complaints, perhaps a fix is waiting for me implement.

T minus one hour before the big game. I just was handed my ticket and told it had a street value of 7,000 euros! Whoa. I could get a very nice new bike for that kind of change …. but it would be wrong. Seven thousand euros …. Do SuperBowl tickets scalp at that level? Insane.

Will post game photos late tonight, early evening EST.

Author: David Churbuck

Cape Codder with an itch to write

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  1. get the bike, a pair of lederhossen and some shiny boots, then step fowlly through the streets, mein blog gruppenfuhrer.

    Your feckless feldwebel

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