Blogging over the English Channel

I’m a sucker for stupid blogging tricks, and paying Boeing $27.00 for eleven hours of internet access while winging from England to Japan is stupid … but what the heck, I have to get some work done (note the shameless need for justification of the business expense) and I can either continuing replowing through Wallace Stegner’s Angle of Repose (arguably the best novel ever written about the American West), wait for the JAL hostess to bring me my dinner, or watch insipid seatback television until I throw in the towel, chow a Restoril, and go into la-la land until 5 pm tomorrow Tokyo time (it is “now” 6:37 am on Tuesday in Tokyo).

Anyway, I’ve blogged in a helicopter, now I’ve blogged in a 777, not nearly as cool as the blogger who watched his Slingbox via a Connexion connection, but still, cool enough for me. It is amazing how a little internet connectivity can while away the hours of desiccated, recycled air, wailing babies, and Japanese news shows on the cabin monitors. And now that Boeing has pulled the plug, I figured I’d get airborne and online at least once until someone else figures out airplane connectivity.
(Aside: how cool are runway cameras on planes? I only see them on foreign carriers, I guess American airlines are too cheap or too concerned they’ll freak out Ma and Pa Kettle to show them what it looks like to hurtle down at runway at a gazillion mph).

Author: David Churbuck

Cape Codder with an itch to write

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  1. Cockpit cams on US flagged airliners came to an abrupt end at OHare when an American Airlines DC10 broadcast its take off roll and abrupt fatal crash on take off. Call it “End Times Programming” oops!


  2. Check out the ‘A Bathing Ape’ store when you get to Japan. Your kids will not BELIEVE you knew about it….ultra hip right now. K

  3. Cool enough…I plan to blog from the Great Wall at some point, just because.

    Have fun in Roppongi

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