Tokyo Toilet Humor

Beware of toilets with “STOP” switches. Stop what? This baby turns on a fan when you sit on it — an alternative to the courtesy flush — and looks like it has functions that I for one, do not intend to explore. I am dying to know what the difference between a “shower” and a “bidet” is.

Ate sushi next door to the hotel with my buddy Ajit. It was one of those mechanized conveyor belt places that sends an infinite loop of fish on rice around and around. Stack the plates and get charged by the color of their rim. Perhaps, if the uni turns out to be bad, I will get to explore the multifunction toilet later on.
I have jet lag bordering on dementia at present. Boston to London to Tokyo without a bed is nasty. JAL seats turned into quasi-beds (“quasi” because they were exactly two inches too short of me) but a Restoril took care of that in now time. Now it is time to stop dicking around with Powerpoint and fretting over to-dos happening 12 hours away and crash.

Author: David Churbuck

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