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  1. The Charles Regatta? How nice. Got your blue blazer cleaned and presses,Biff? What about a Captain’s hat, Got one of those, too? I’m of to the Aazusa Swap Meet then, looking for a bargain on a pair of shocks for an old DeSoto.

    Be well, Dave. I love your cycling posts by the way!


  2. again we cross in time/space…

    I’m in DC thru Weds, leaving in the evening. Shout me out if you get a chance.

  3. Maybe I’ll see you Sunday, as Niece is rowing. Best of all, for the first time since she’s been in HoC, there is no forecast of torrential rain and shoe-sucking muck for us viewers to slog through….is there???

  4. There will be mud — induced by spilled beer and stomach contents. Kidding, the Head of the chuck isn’t half as rowdy as it was in the late 70s and early 80s. I’d finish my row and then get solidly hammered at one keg party to the next, fun to do after expending one’s calorie count on a 5000 meter row.

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