0 thoughts on “Firefox 2.0 is boning me”

  1. IE isn’t treating you too well today either – something in your Whereabouts post from the other day has broken the style sheet and the subsequent text and sidelinks are now *really* large. On the positive side, it’s fixed the sidelinks which are now back at the top right where they are supposed to be.

    FF 2.0 is working fine for me, with the developer toolbar. Now if we could just get the other 85% of the world to make the switch.

  2. same here. FF 2.0 is killing me slowly. none of the folks in #redmonk have reported any difficulties, however. i think it may be either Google Reader or Zimbra or both, but something is very definitely wrong.

    i’ve had to boot into Windows at this hotel which only has 1.5 and it’s a dream.

  3. Me too — it choked on my bookmarks so I had to downgrade back to 1.5. Luckily the bookmarks live on. It also locked up every time I launched, and I couldn’t get tabs to close. Felt like Alpha software.

  4. My experienence with 2.0 has been flawless so far. The only crash I experienced was with a Java App, and that happened with FF 0.x untill now as well as on IE. The only thing I *regret* is the lack of updates to some add-ons.

    If it were only you, I’d say it was an install thing. On the past installing over previous versions caused a lot of issues, I wonder if that might be the case.

  5. Esteban’s on to something there…I too remember problems installing over old versions. Try an uninstall/reinstall perhaps.

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