Picking up the pen — X60 Tablet

After enduring the past few months of buzz and speculation about our new Duo Core Tablet, the X60s, and on the occasion of its announcement today, I strolled down the hall here in RTP and asked for one.

Two hours later I had my first tablet. I plugged it in, worked through the setup, and started experimenting with the pen. Pretty slick. Now the machine goes to IT to get fitted out with Notes, the VPN client, and to transform my data off of this machine, my X60s. So now I need work through the usual new PC migration hassles, redownload a top of weird apps and plug ins, and start committing to the pen interface.

The initial reviews have been very positive, and given the impact our previous tablet, the X41 made, I have no doubt this will be Lenovo’s high desire flagship for some time.

Author: David Churbuck

Cape Codder with an itch to write

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  1. Let’s forget the technology talk for a minute. Any good Teddy K. stories? Any celebration after his re-election down at some pub in Cotuit? And leave his mini-cooler alone!

  2. You win again. i was up at Poly lecturing yesterday and left my 60 tablet on while i was up at the podium. I burned about five pecent of my battery life while I was up at the podium —really good. Get your Pen up with Vista dude then let me know what ya think.

    stuck in the fog on the road to Escondido,

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