tecosystems » Not Done With JetBlue

tecosystems » Not Done With JetBlue

Stephen O’Grady at Redmonk writes about his continued allegiance to JetBlue. I too am unswayed in my happiness with the airline, but as Stephen says, I wasn’t on an airplane for eight hours on the Kennedy tarmac.

“Speaking of JetBlue, a couple of folks have pinged me to see if my opinion of the airline – I’m a longtime fan – has changed in the aftermath of this ice-storm precipitated disaster. The answer is pretty much no. It’s easier for me to say that, of course, because I wasn’t trapped on a plane at JFK for nine hours, but ultimately the reasons that I fly JetBlue – as opposed to, say, United – haven’t changed. Yet, anyway.”

My wife and son flew to Fort Lauderdale yesterday morning out of Logan, and said the airport, even at 6 am, was still a bit chaotic in the aftermath of last week’s weather-induced travel cancellations. I guess it was truly a perfect storm coming right before a major school vacation. As I posted earlier about the “vomit comet,” the scene at Logan on Thursday night was pretty bad. I am happy not be flying until Thursday evening.

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