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BuzzLogic — the pretty awesome blog tracking/mapping/influence measurement tool that was started by my buddy Mitch Ratcliffe — has some great press in the current issue of Fortune (most admired companies). I’d like to link it, but I can’t find it on Your’s truly is mentioned — thanks to Krista Summitt for pointing that out.

The company is bringing its product out of beta soon. We’ve been testers for over a year, and have used it to help identify customers with problems. The Fortune article recounts the first effort in our so-called Proactive Support program when I used BL to identify that Rick Klau at Feedburner had a dead ThinkPad. We fixed him. He thanked us. The rest is history.

It is very weird and almost traitorous to see my name in Fortune after 13 years at the other business magazine that begins with F…O…R…

Author: David Churbuck

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  1. BuzzLogic is one of the best products to come outof Demo in the last 20 years.
    I want more social networking tools that give me different vector on down strea, relationships.


  2. Hey Dave, Tim and Jim… Thank you all for your support and praises. The credit really goes to you, though. We never could have come this far without the guidance of great beta customers like you. All of us at BuzzLogic appreciate your wonderful feedback and support. Dave, thanks for being a great beacon.


  3. Congrats to the BuzzLogic team!

    I’ve been using the beta for several a few months now and think this will become an indispensible tool for understanding the flow of information online.

  4. Dave — I just got back from vacation to find this waiting in my alerts! Thanks for the pointer and, echoing Rob, thanks for all you’ve done for BuzzLogic.

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