A sucker for a sidebar widget

Chris Murray and Mark Cahill can attest to my propensity for shooting my blog in the foot everytime I decide to “enhance” it with a sidebar widget and end up nuking the cascading style sheets.

From Flickr Galleries to del.icio.us posts, I love to junk myself up with new stuff. Some of them are utterly useless (Plazes comes to mind)
At Las Vegas earlier this week, Lee LeFever from CommonCraft told me over lunch that Twitter was all the rage at SxSW, and that I should give it a try. I didn’t quite get it, but have noticed it showing up in the sidebar of other blogs … so, sheep that I am, I have done it with mine. Sort of like Blog Instant Messaging — apparently (and I haven’t tried it) you can update people on what your current activity/state-of-mind is via text messaging on a phone, or indeed even instant messaging.

Author: David Churbuck

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  1. I’ve been reluctant to this… Saw it on Kristas and Mikes blogs, yet, I think I’ll end up neglecting the updates or typing too much… and actually DOING nothing.

  2. Once again, I’m not sure I want to give the world ubiquitous access to my comings and goings. I find myself more and more dreaming of turning the cell phone off and shutting the computer down.

    I already update my whereabouts in my gtalk, skype and the other two IM’s I use. Having a standalone app I have to update is probably something I’ll end up abandoning.

    That said, Leo Laporte mentioned on his netcast two weeks ago that he loved it.

    And yes, the problems are always interesting when they occur in Churbuck world…

  3. At IBM we had an IM called SameTime – I hated it and never used it. I preferred Yahoo messenger because I could leave messages for someone when they logged on. My V120E Motorola Cell phone only makes and accepts telephone calls. I never respond to texting. My blackberry is a coaster for my coffee cup. (No rings on desk). I like the reading, rowing, clamming, Cape Cod vignette pieces but the Luddite in me can’t (won’t) buy in to all the latest blog gadgetry.

  4. I actually like sametime, maybe because I use notes buddy, it has one very neat function I miss on all other IM programs: the ability to take instantaneous screengrabs… just very helpful when working with web & design

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