Me ThinkPad, it’s Sick

Two lines, one red and one blue, run vertically down the middle of the screen. doubtlessly caused by some screen carelessness on my part while travelling.

Then, just now, the active protection sensor just reported a malfunction. I didn’t know how much psychological comfort I received from knowing that feature was protecting my drive until it told me it was not feeling well.

Oh well, off to the service team for a fix. Best notebook I have ever owned — this X60s

Author: David Churbuck

Cape Codder with an itch to write

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  1. If you’re still having trouble, you could try writing about it on your blog. There’s this guy at Lenovo who picks up on that stuff and may try to help you.


    Oh. Never mind.


  2. I have an R60e which I love, it is the best laptop I have ever owned and I live in fear of something like that happening to mine.

    Hope yours gets fixed quickly and without too many problems.

  3. I bought that same model for my daughter for Christmas. She loves it. I love it.

    I can’t figure out what caused my screen to spaz — the PC is fine, just two obnoxious lines which were probably caused by mishandling on my part. I do use a padded sleeve in my knapsack …

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