Web ad spend overtakes newspapers

BBC NEWS | Business | Web ad spend overtakes newspapers

“Spending on UK internet advertising surged in 2006, overtaking newspaper ads for the first time, a report says.Online advertising expenditure jumped 41.2% to £2.01bn during the year, the report by the Internet Advertising Bureau and PricewaterhouseCoopers said.”

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  1. “A recent “Newsroom Barometer” poll commissioned by the World Editors Forum and Reuters indicates that newspaper insiders are feeling pretty rosy about the survival of print these days. Zogby International polled 435 editors-in-chief, deputy editors and other senior news executives from around the world, finding that 85% of them are “very optimistic or somewhat optimistic” about the future of their papers.”


    Coffee and Denial for breakfast? I wonder where they think they will get their funding?

  2. Hi Tom,
    I was actually looking to get a hold of a gentleman named Phillip Edgars, sifting through a few blogs and came across your name. Being the idiot I am I have always assumed all Kennetts are related. I have gotten over the obsession from my early exposure to the web and the ability to stalk Kennetts…. now I just annoy them with an email and a link to this silly site. http://www.guildweb.com/kennetts/ Some are entertained, others, well I wouldn’t know, they never respond. In any event, hope you are amused and if you know where I might find Pillip Edgar, please let me know.

    Thanks, and my best to the rest of the family 🙂


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