Google Trends: today it’s a World of Warcraft

Google Trends: ct mod, May 23, 2007

Google refreshed its Trends product to be more dynamic, assuming some of the daily characteristics of Zeitgeist. The relaunch happened on May 15th.
Check it out. The dominant search thread today is on World of Warcraft — probably due to a major Burning Crusade patch that was released last night. On Saturday (in the USA) it was the Preakness. On the 15th, Jerry Falwell.
This stuff is fascinating. I sense a big opportunity in here someplace.

Author: David Churbuck

Cape Codder with an itch to write

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  1. perhaps — or, as an audience development, page/makeup indicator. PRovides a memetic guide to optimization which could quickly turn into a vortex of tail chasing. I suspect some less ethical splog could make a stack off of this.

  2. Dear Dave,

    I hope you remember my classmate from Medill, the one with the broken Lenovo laptop and a BLOG.. Well.. I hope you’re still reading her blog – I have posted a few comments there and there will definitely be more to come if I haven’t got my laptop fixed by Tuesday May 29, 2007. I made my first call to your customer service on Saturday May 19. I understand that’s it was weekend so I waited patiently. On Monday I recieved a missed call from Georgia. I called back. They were Lenovo customer service with a different number~ I talked to a few of them but noone could tell me what was going on. The tech support was busy.. I got to knew this after I had been on hold for .. 5 mins??.. They promised to call me back the next day.. So that would be Tuesday May 22. This is Friday May 25. I haven’t heard anything from you. I had to make yet another call.. And they again said the tech support will call me on Tuesday, OK Monday is a day-off. Now I only hope that I’ll have my Lenovo laptop fixed by Tuesday. Because you know, it’s been way too long for a “next business day” warranty. I deserve a refund on that.


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