Axis of Evel Knievel

Axis of Evel Knievel: June 6

In the “guilty pleasure” department, comes this wonderful blog, which posts every day about some famous debacle in history — mass murder, accident, fire, free-beer night at a Cleveland Indian’s game. Sort of a daily darkside that goes way beyond what the local newspaper used to do. The tagline says it all: “Another Day. Another Pointless Atrocity”

Thanks to Tim at Walking the Berkshires for the pointer. I blew an hour last night reading in horrified fascination.

“Precisely 510 years after the Paris book burning, an enormous fire — the third in as many weeks — gutted a full third of Moscow. One hundred and thirty-seven years later, on 6 June 1889, a tipped glue pot in a Seattle carpentry shop caught fire and quickly spread throughout the wharf and downtown commercial district. Remarkably, no lives were lost in the disaster, although nearly sixty blocks of mostly wooden buildings were reduced to ash.”

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