Ten Days without food …. (posting in lieu of lunch)

So this is it. Last day on the so-called Master Cleanse fast — lemonade made with maple syrup, fresh lemons, spring water, and cayenne pepper. Why? Pal Marta, one of the fittest people I know was pretty persuasive and I needed to: a) lose some weight, b) reset eating habits, c) generally clear out the plumbing.

Random observations:

1. Fasting makes people uncomfortable. “Whaddya going to do? Get all spiritual, meditate, and swallow a string?”

2. I was never hungry — the lemonade mixture took care of that. I did crave stuff, specifically: french bread and cheese, dal makhani, a grilled chicken breast. Pizza, hotdogs and the stuff the kids push into their mouths never got me that worked up.

3. I lost 8 11 pounds.

4. I was able to exercise regularly with no increase in heart rate or decline in erg scores.

5. I slept better. I feel better.

Tomorrow I taper back onto real food — starting with orange juice, then soup, etc. The issue is what to stay with to keep the weight coming off and the exercise continuing.

Happy to see other people on it too.

Author: David Churbuck

Cape Codder with an itch to write

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  1. Just back from Gearhart Oregon, beautiful Or .coastal village. On my last night, enjoyed my special ceviche, lightly breaded razor clams & mesquite grilled, rare ribeye. Lost ten lbs in a week of stress free vacation w/ a daily morning beach run & much horsing around w/ my family!. Coaching two soccer teams this fall & needed to get running again. Call if you need the ceviche recipe! Dave, you need to take a break, brother! Your schedule make my eyes start twitching…

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