Southwest Keeps Fans From Straying

Southwest Keeps Fans From Straying

From AdWeek (tip of the hat to Chris Kobran at CNET for passing the link via

“Southwest says that online social marketing is a natural extension of its offline efforts to connect with customers. “It fits like a glove on a hand. We were doing social networking long before it was cool and digital,” said Krone. “If customers are digital, we will be digital. If they are online, that is where we have to be,” he said.”

But apparently not monitoring anything happening outside of their own blog.

Author: David Churbuck

Cape Codder with an itch to write

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  1. Suppose, you gave their monitoring efforts a hand with a post to their blog comments and an trackback?

    Yeah. We both know it’s not a good idea, so I’ll skip the double-dog-dare…. ; )

  2. Funny, Cymfony lists them as a client. I’d have suspected some monitoring going on there. My guess — they are doing a Nixon and stonewalling me. Which is cool, but the post lives on and on and on and is by far the biggest traffic magnet on the site.

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